Why not revamp the laundry too?

The laundry is no longer the hidden, door shut, work area it once was. In modern city living we are increasingly seeing the laundry playing the host of the second bathroom facilities or being situated in focal points of the home including the kitchen and other living areas. This makes it more important than ever to have well designed and functional laundry space that matches the home style and décor.

Laundries are a great place to add additional storage solutions, particularly in apartments and smaller homes. When renovating your laundry learbathrooms will work with you to effectively plan the use of space to meet your needs. We work with both pre-made storage packages as well as custom made cabinets to work within the allocated space.

Many homes are looking to add an additional toilet and shower facilities within laundry spaces. It can often be extremely affordable, particularly when done in unison with a bathroom renovation. learbathrooms work together with customers in these spaces to provide a fresh look and feel that offers practical space solutions along with breathtaking design.

Are you thinking of sprucing up your laundry? Remember, it is equally important in a laundry renovation to ensure that contractors being used are fully qualified, insured and use Australian standard waterproofing products to certify the integrity of the area. learbathrooms are fully qualified, insured and use only the best.